Everybody in the World should know that democracy in Mexico is a farce.


The situation Mexico is going through is just too serious to be ignored, and it needs as much attention from the international community as it can get. As you may or may not know on July 1st 2012, Mexico ‘supposedly’ elected a new president. We say supposedly because the whole process was stained with all kinds of irregularities.


It all became public few months before the July electoral process, where, as has been reported by “The Guardian”, the media manipulation of the public opinion in favour of a presidential candidate was undeniable. There is documented evidence of massive vote-buying of at least 5 million votes. Arithmetic errors in the recount of the votes and statistical abnormalities in the behaviour of the vote counting mathematical curves were observed, as well as serious violations to the people’s right to vote freely and confidentially. Moreover the election was tainted with use of illicit funds and money laundering to finance the electoral campaign.

Enrique Peña Nieto represents a party that was in power for 70 years without interruption since 1929. As “Le monde diplomatique” puts it, his coming to power means the ‘return to the perfect dictatorship. His party has a long story of corruption, impunity and all kinds of violence against the population. For instance this was, according to researchers and new investigations, the party most probably responsible for the Tlatelolco student massacre in 1968. As Mexican academic John Ackerman states:

Peña Nieto is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He hides behind a telegenic smile and sharp attire, but he represents Mexico’s old corrupt political class.


A clear example of this were the violent events of San Salvador Atenco. In 2006, the inhabitants of San Salvador Atenco were victims of repression and witnessed illegal detentions (including that of 5 foreigners, who were deported), sexual abuse, and rape from the hands of the police as well as its official endorsement by the government, then headed by no other than Enrique Pena Nieto. The state of Mexico, where Peña Nieto just finished a six-year stint as governor shows us a terrible panorama where homicide and poverty rates have skyrocketed and “feminicides” — targeted killing of women — are common.

The numerous abnormalities during the electoral process should have been enough to cancel the electoral process. For these reasons the student group “Yo soy 132” calls for the international community and governments of the World not to recognize Enrique Peña Nieto as Mexico’s president.


What will be the future of Mexico? As Ackerman said on his article discussing the arbitrary detention of protesters on the 1st of December 2012, when Enrique Peña Nieto officially took power:

The hope for Mexico’s future does not lie in Peña Nieto, but in the increasingly self-confident and non-violent social movements that will be challenging him at every step.  (…)The good news is that Mexican civil society is alive and well. Despite some commentators’ hope that Peña Nieto’s administration will squelch the emerging non-violent #YoSoy132 student movement, a new generation of Mexican activists, journalists and society leaders are becoming even more energized, better convinced than ever that they must take responsibility for their own destiny — not wait around for the same old politicians to resolve the country’s problems.”

Here we are,Yosoy132Holanda, bringing light and fighting from our corner for a better Mexico, a Mexico where democracy truly exists, where the media is not manipulated, where true freedom of expression exists. A Mexico where every Mexican is protected, as our natural resources, and biodiversity. A Mexico where justice is not a dream. Like Pablo Neruda once wrote:

You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming.

Or like EZLN’s subcomandante Marcos said of #132 in one of his latest communications:

El calendario seguirá desangrándose y, de pronto, resurgirán, mejores, más fuertes, más. Y los que ahora se olvidan de ell@s o los critican, dirán “claro, yo sabía que no habían desaparecido



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