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Violence in Mexico, 3 perspectives


#Yosoy132-Holanda invites you to the forum: ‘Violence in Mexico, 3 perspectives’

The event will be held on June 11 at the Institute of Social Studies (ISS) from 13h-15h. (Kortenaerkade 12 , 2518 AX, The Hague)

Our guest speakers will be:

Dr. Rosalba Icaza,
specialised in the international political economy of transborder civic resistance to open/neo-liberal regionalism in Latin America.

Arsène van Nierop, founder of Stichting Hester,, whose work is remarkable in trying to prevent gender violence in Cd. Juárez.

-#yosoy132-Holanda, a Mexican protest movement centered around the democratization of the country and its media. It began as opposition to the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) candidate Enrique Peña Nieto and the Mexican media’s allegedly biased coverage of the 2012 general election.

Feminicides in Cd. Juárez, violence against freedom of expression experienced by journalists, and repression of social protests in Mexico are some of the issues that will be explored during this event. Each of our speakers will bring their perspective on these matters. We hope you will be able to join us.

For more information, you can visit our event page, or email us at:

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Day of the Dead. Amsterdam Demonstration

Because they can’t be just numbers!

On the 2nd of November “The Day of the Dead” is celebrated in Mexico. We remember our ancestors by offering them their favourite food, drinks, the smell of flowers and candlelight. In this way, remembrance brings them back to us, and we are able to celebrate in their memory. We also make Sinterklaas-like poems, “Calaveritas”,  to express our feelings and ideas about the death and the living in a satirical way.

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Grito por la democracia!

El pasado 15 de Septiembre de 2012 decidimos celebrar las fiestas patrias de México de una manera diferente, especial y muy nuestra. No fue un grito por la independencia, sino un “GRITO POR LA DEMOCRACIA”, por una democracia que nos haga genuinamente independientes, libres y soberanos; por una democracia transparente, legal, responsable y participativa. Esa democracia que México merece y necesita, donde la voz de los mexicanos es escuchada no sólo a través del voto, sino también a través del arte y la cultura.

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Escenificación callejera: Democracia en Latinoamérica

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Con el objetivo de solidarizarnos con el movimiento Yo Soy132 de México y sensibilizar a la comunidad internacional sobre la situación antidemocrática en México para crear una opinión pública informada.

YoSoy132Holanda te invita a participar en la escenificación urbana y experimental:

Democracia en Latinoamérica

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We demand real democracy! 22.Jul.2012

More than 120 Mexicans gathered on Sunday 22 of July in Amsterdam to demand real democracy in Mexico. Mexicans members of #YoSoy132holanda, Morena-Holanda and Mexicanos en Holanda por la Paz, along with mexicans non-member of any organization gathered in Beursplein, Ams to express: We do not accept Enrique Peña Nieto as president of Mexico because the election process was full […]

Demonstration in Amsterdam: fighting for democracy and against imposition in México

#YoSoy132 holanda continues with the pacific fight for democracy and against imposition in México.

Join us this

22 of July at 13h

in Beursplein in Amsterdam

(next to Bijenkorf store)

We are joining a worldwide effort convoked from Mexico to denounce the imposition of Enrique Peña Nieto as President of México. He has obtained a majority in votes, in a preliminary count, in the recent elections in México despite of a process full of irregularities, such as, vote coercion, vote-buying, intimidation and repression.   We strongly demand a  real democratic system in Mexico where all these claims and irregularities are clarified and the persons responsible for these actions are punished according to the Mexican law.

In the Netherlands #YoSoy132 holanda joins efforts with mexican citizens and civil organizations (Mexicanos en Holanda por la Paz, Morena) to express our demands against imposition.

Join us this July 22nd at 13h in Beursplein, Ams

Votación simbólica #YoSoy132Holanda

Votación simbólica de #YoSoy132holanda

El 1 de Julio de 2012 jóvenes que apoyamos el movimiento #YoSoy132 realizamos una votación simbólica en las puertas de la embajada de México en Holanda.

La votación fue parte de las actividades de manifestación en contra de la manipulación y en defensa del voto libre e informado en México.


“Si no ardemos juntos, quién iluminará esta oscuridad”

Maratón en bicicleta #YoSoy132holanda

Fuimos aproximadamente 35 personas a la embajada este domingo 1 de Julio de 2012, hubo música, poesia, pintura y deporte! 6 personas hicieron una ruta en bicicleta de 60 km desde Amsterdam hasta La Haya 2 personas hicieron una ruta de 42 km, 1 persona hizo una ruta de 76 km, 5 personas hicieron una […]